Pest risk assessments

Pest risk assessments are produced by to:

  • increase understanding of key invasive plants and animals in Queensland
  • facilitate best-practice management of these species
  • provide an objective, evidence-based foundation for policy development.

Pest risk assessments synthesise information from a range of sources to examine aspects of the pest species or group, including:

  • description, taxonomy and general biology
  • history of introduction and spread in Queensland
  • current and potential distribution
  • current and potential costs and benefits.

These reviews help in deciding on the management of invasive plants and animals in the state, such as:

  • whether to list a species
  • best allocation of resources to particular species or locations
  • feasibility of eradication
  • the value and location of containment lines
  • appropriate control methods
  • research needs.

Invasive plants

Invasive animals

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