East Coast Freshwater Turtle Guide

Fisheries Queensland
February 2011

Guide summary

Queensland East Coast Freshwater Turtle Identification Guide for the Queensland Eel Fishery

The 'Queensland east coast freshwater turtle identification guide' is a Fisheries Queensland guide developed in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) for use by the Queensland Eel Fishery. The guide has been developed for use by commercial fishers operating in the Queensland Eel Fishery and, as such, contains only those freshwater turtle species that inhabitat the area covered by that fishery.

The guide contains a shell anatomy tool, which details the various terminologies used to describe components of the plastron and carapace of a freshwater turtle; a dichotomous key by catchment, which includes diagrams and explanations (with terms from the shell anatomy key); and a photo identification key showing examples of freshwater turtles at genus and species levels.

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