• Sustainable fisheries strategy

    Sustainable fisheries strategy

    The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy sets out the government’s reform agenda for the next 10 years.

  • Recreational fishing

    Recreational fishing

    Rules and regulations, permits for dam fishing, tips and responsibilities and community activities

  • Commercial fisheries

    Commercial fisheries

    Getting started in the industry, licensing, catch reporting and enforcement

  • Queensland's commercial fisheries

    Queensland's commercial fisheries

    Queensland's commercial fisheries are a significant contributor to the national and state economy and a vital primary industry for many coastal towns

  • Species identification

    Species identification

    Identification information on freshwater fish, glossary of terms, reef fish, sharks and deep water fish guides.

  • Monitoring our fisheries

    Monitoring our fisheries

    Principles of ecologically sustainable development to manage the state's fisheries for the benefit of all Queenslanders

  • Shark Control Program

    Shark Control Program

    Information and resources on Queensland's Shark Control Program

  • Fisheries services

    Fisheries services

    Hotlines numbers, community education and protection programs, fisheries contact guide, boating and fisheries patrol, licences and permits

  • Pest fish

    Pest fish

    About pest fish, including species information, report a sighting, control strategies and frequently asked questions

  • Consultations and legislation

    Consultations and legislation

    Fisheries Queensland develops, reviews and enforces all fisheries related legislation and policy forming tools.

  • Fisheries habitats

    Fisheries habitats

    Marine habitats including declared habitat areas, polices, environmental management, protected species and research

  • Aquaculture


    Contact information, technical advice, licencing, approvals and policies

  • Fisheries and aquaculture research

    Fisheries and aquaculture research

    Research on resource sustainability, stock assessment & breeding/grow out technologies for marine and freshwater species for aquaculture and fish stocking