Queensland is an ideal location for developing a diverse aquaculture industry. We are working to support this potential by ensuring aquaculture practices are sustainable, encouraging investment in aquaculture and minimising the risk of exotic pest fish and disease.

  • Management of aquaculture

    A list of aquaculture policies & guidelines, applications for translocation, biosecurity and submitting lab examinations

  • Investment

    The aquaculture industry provides opportunities for investment in Queensland.

  • Overview of aquaculture

    Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic animals and plants utilising different farming methods and multiple cultures.

  • Getting started

    Information on the requirements for starting, planning and managing an aquaculture farm and building a business.

  • Aquaculture approvals

    An approvals process is followed when assessing, processing or making an amendment to aquaculture applications.

  • Aquaculture species

    A list of freshwater and marine species able to be farmed in an aquaculture environment.

Last updated 03 December 2009