The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is developing a roadmap for digital and technological transformation of Queensland agribusinesses.

Integrated AgTech solutions will transform global agriculture and drive productivity, sustainability, traceability, provenance, biosecurity preparedness and response, climate resilience and emissions reduction.

Technology will also allow agribusinesses to definitively quantify their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) impact as well as identify greater efficiencies.

The Queensland AgTech Roadmap 2023-2028 sets our vision and path to accelerate AgTech innovation and adoption in Queensland.

What’s happened so far

During May and June 2022 we hosted community forums throughout Queensland.

This, alongside survey information obtained online, was to gather key input from stakeholders and parties across the AgTech ecosystem including industry, entrepreneurs, business, research organisations and all levels of government.

This allowed us to hear about the challenges and barriers being experienced with agricultural technology. We also heard about opportunities to boost the uptake of AgTech throughout Queensland.

Next steps

We’re collating all of this feedback to re-engage with stakeholders about the findings, the roadmap development and finalisation.

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Last updated: 13 Oct 2022