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Queensland’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry (AFF) sector is a key foundation of the Queensland economy, the Australian economy and the success of our regions. It is critical to support it to diversify, add value and grow...

  • 2021-22 sees record growth for Queensland agriculture GVP, before an expected return to trend as global growth slows in the medium term.
  • Disruption continues to challenge the sector with impacts across supply chains, rising input costs, workforce and floods dominating 2021-22.
  • Demand for AFF products remains strong with Queensland’s seasonally adjusted food retailing turnover above pre-COVID levels and record high prices for many of our key commodities including beef.
  • Exports are rebounding post COVID with Queensland rural exports increasing over 26 percent year ending January 2022 compared to year ending January 2021.

For 2021–22, the total value of Queensland’s primary industry commodities is forecast to be $23.54 billion, made up of:

  • $18.41 billion gross value of production (GVP)
  • $5.13 billion value-added production

This total is 20% more than for 2020–21 and 24% greater than the average for the past 5 years

The largest contributors, by estimated GVP, are:

  • Livestock disposals (44%) – driven by elevated livestock prices elevated
  • horticulture (16%) – favourable seasonal conditions and strong demand
  • cotton (10%) – record high GVP, increased plantings and high prices
  • cereal products (8%). – bumper grains crops despite some downgrading due to floods
  • sugar (7%) – strong prices with steady production

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Volume-of-production index

A volume-of-production index describes the movement in production over a period of time relative to a base period.

Total Queensland agriculture production is forecast to increase by 22% from 2020–21 to 2021–22, with an index of 114. This reflects the improved seasonal conditions expected for 2021–22 as the sector recovers from consecutive years of drought.

Volume increases are expected across across most commodities including livestock, grains, cotton and other field crops. Horticulture output remains steady.

Explore our labour-demand dashboard below to:

  • understand labour demand across Queensland horticultural regions and commodities
  • understand the labour intensity of various commodities across the year
  • Note the figures contained in the dashboard are modelled estimates only, are subject to change, and are based on the best available data at the time of modelling (February 2021).

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Last updated: 31 Mar 2022