Economic recovery - support for Queensland producers announced

The agribusiness and food sector will play a vital role in Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19 with $17.5 million funding for three key programs that will secure jobs to sustain and support Queensland’s economic recovery.

The funding package is designed to accelerate digital transformation in the agribusiness and food industry, reinvigorate trade relationships, and encourage diversification in a post COVID-19 environment. The initiatives funded under the Economic recovery: strengthening Queensland’s agribusiness and food sector are:

  • Digital transformation in agribusiness: $5.5 million—to develop integrated supply chains that improve traceability, biosecurity and food safety.
  • Reinvigorated agricultural trade relationships: $5 million—to support e-commerce and virtual trade facilitation in key markets, and assist coordination of demand for additional regular air-freight services.
  • Agribusiness diversification assistance: $2 million—to build capability and explore potential diversification opportunities in agricultural businesses, including for tourism.
  • Additional round of the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative: $5 million—to support construction of cluster fencing.

We are continuing to work with industry, through the Agriculture Coordination Group, to progress these initiatives and develop industry-led solutions. Subscribe to Agriculture News for updates.