Waste reduction and recycling plan

In accordance with the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 each Queensland Government department is required to have a strategic waste management plan in place for dealing with the waste generated by the department in carrying out its activities.

The department's Waste reduction and recycling plan (PDF, 225.1KB):

  • describes our approach to waste management
  • outlines priority activities for the three-year period
  • provides direction on the development of specific initiatives to improve waste performance
  • outlines how we will contribute towards the goals and targets of Queensland’s  resource recovery and waste strategy.

Waste reduction and recycling priorities to 2021

  • Establishing a baseline of the types and quantities of waste the department generates
  • Collection of quantitative data of the waste generated at the department’s CBD office location
  • Investigations into the waste generated from the department's non-office based activities.

The Act requires that the department should prepare an annual report on the operation of its waste reduction and recycling plan during each financial year.