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Brands return overview

If you own a registered brand or registered earmark, you must complete the brands return form and send it to the Brisbane office in January every year. Alternatively, you can submit your brands return online (see instructions below).

If owners do not submit these returns for three consecutive years, brands may be cancelled.

When the brand or earmark is unchanged

If the brand or earmark is unchanged, you may submit returns:

  • online through the Brands database (see below)
  • at your local Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries office
  • by phone.

How to submit your brands return

You have two options for submitting your brands return:

  1. Submit your brands return online (Brands database)
  2. Download the brands return form (PDF, 508.8KB)
    To return your brand this way, complete and print the form, and then mail it to Brands Registrar, GPO Box 46 Brisbane 4001. Alternatively, scan and email the form to brands@daf.qld.gov.au
  3. 13 25 23 (07 3404 6999 for interstate callers)

Important notes

  • Transfers: When it is intended that the ownership of a brand should change, a Transfer form must be lodged with the Registrar of Brands. Brands are not automatically transferred by a property sale or by a will. A fee applies.
  • Change of address: Owners of brands are required to notify the Registrar of Brands of any change of address.  Notification can be by letter or an Alteration of address form. No fee.
  • Change of name: The Registrar of Brands must be notified in writing if the owner or part owner legally changes their name. No fee.
  • Relinquishment of guardianship or trusteeship: If you wish to cancel a guardianship or trusteeship in connection with a brand, you should obtain the appropriate form from the Registrar of Brands. It is usual to cancel a guardianship when the person involved reaches the age of 18 years. No fee.
  • Notification of death: There is no legal requirement to notify the Registrar of Brands in the event of a death.  Advice of death only need occur when a transfer of the brand is effected. (see Transfers).
  • Cancellation: If a person does not wish to retain registration of a brand, they should notify the Registrar of Brands in writing using a Cancellation authority form.  Where more than one person owns the brands, all must sign the form. In the case where the owner is deceased, the executors/administrators of the estate sign the form. No fee.

How we use returns

These returns are used to:

  • update the brands register
  • identify brands being incorrectly used
  • allow cancellation of brands no longer in use so they may be reissued to other applicants
  • check that earmarks are being used in the correct district for which they are registered
  • check that the brand is correctly registered
  • identify the need for a transfer, change of address/name or other action as necessary.

Further information

Use the new brand application form

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