Branding and earmarking submissions

Brands applications must consider the following:

  • We prefer to process applications electronically as this results in faster process times.
  • All brand and earmark applications should be emailed to
  • Please note: we will not receive posted applications as fast as electronically submitted applications.
  • For security reasons, credit card details must not be entered on the application form.
  • Once a fully completed application form is received by the Licensing Transaction Unit (LTU), we will accept it into the processing system.
  • Applications will be processed in order of arrival at LTU.
  • You will be contacted by a member of LTU and sent a BPoint link via email to make payment when your application is ready to be processed.
  • Currently there is a 40 working day turnaround period for processing fully completed applications.
  • branding exemption is currently in place and cattle producers are not required to brand cattle with a live weight in excess of 100kg before sale.