Queensland's fisheries are regulated by the following pieces of legislation:

The Fisheries Act 1994 sets out Fisheries Queensland's responsibilities for the economically viable, socially acceptable and ecologically sustainable development of Queensland's fisheries resources.

The Fisheries (General) Regulation 2019 outlines general regulatory requirements relevant to the management and use of Queensland's fisheries resources. Section 3 provides useful advice on how to read and understand the regulations and declarations.

The Fisheries (Commercial Fisheries) Regulation 2019 outlines the regulatory requirements that apply to Queensland’s commercial fisheries, including how activities are to be carried out.

The Fisheries Declaration 2019 outlines restrictions on particular fishing activities across all sectors. Schedule 1 outlines regulated waters that apply in Queensland. Schedule 2 outlines the regulated fish declarations (size, possession and form requirements etc.) that apply to commercial and recreational fishers in Queensland.

The Fisheries (Quota) Declaration 2019 outlines the quota entitlements for particular commercial fisheries, including the commercial catch limits.

Temporary expansion of tropical rock lobster fishery area

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the tropical rock lobster fishery area has been temporarily expanded south to 18°S (just north of Cardwell) for three months – this temporary expansion will be in place until, and including, 9 June 2020.

This area is available to holders of a commercial fishing boat licence with a ‘R’ fishery symbol. All existing fishery rules apply, including the use of existing quota units that will be deducted from the total allowable commercial catch of 195 tonnes for the current season. All tropical rock lobster harvested from the expanded area must be clearly identified in commercial logbooks, separate to catch from the normal fishery area.

Recent management and regulatory changes