Forest product innovation

Forest product innovation research addresses the industry challenges of:

  • developing reliable wood products and efficient wood processing technologies as demands on forest resources change globally,
  • continually improving wood processing technologies to use early rotation, small diameter stems to increase the productive gains from harvests in plantations and native forests.

Our research

Better wood recovery, processing and performance

Our research in non-destructive wood properties analysis has provided the Australian structural softwood processing industry with an early screening system for grading timber before drying. We’ve found that controlled vacuum kiln drying, coupled with predictive modelling, reduces conventional hardwood drying times significantly. We are modelling the natural durability of plantation hardwood to determine realistic life cycle spans for wood products ‘in-service’.

Engineered and high-value wood products

Processing technology research has produced much higher veneer recoveries from small-diameter hardwood stems and developed high-performance, engineered wood products.  Assessments of grade quality and mechanical properties are promising for a range of early-rotation hardwood products.

Innovative product designs

We developed a new, engineered flooring product from coconut stems and appropriate standards for processing and grading ‘cocowood’. Designed to address Australia’s critical shortage of timber power poles, we developed and patented an innovative design for a hybrid steel and wood pole.

Case studies

Making wood products more durable

Our timber research team contributes expertise in the chemistry of natural durability and improved preservative technologies to the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life.

Research with the Future Timber Hub

Our timber research team’s expertise in wood science and performance testing will develop new processing systems and more durable wood-based product performance

‘Virtual logs’ improve returns from Southern pine plantations

This research shows how innovative technologies and computer-generated ‘virtual logs’ can ‘predict’ wood quality in standing trees, increasing efficiency in harvest strategy and down-stream processing.

QTimber makes choosing the right timber easier

This web application provides critical information about using the right timber for construction, wherever you are building in Queensland.