Research case studies

  • Making wood products more durable

    Our timber research team contributes expertise in the chemistry of natural durability and improved preservative technologies to the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life.

  • Future timber hub projects

    Our timber research team’s expertise in wood science and performance testing will develop new processing systems and more durable wood-based product performance.

  • QTimber

    This web application provides critical information about using the right timber for construction, wherever you are building in Queensland.

  • Virtual logs

    Learn how innovative technologies and computer-generated 'virtual logs' can predict wood quality in standing trees, increasing efficiency in harvest strategy and down-stream processing.

  • Improving productivity

    Detailed analyses of tree growth rates, environmental conditions and economic evaluation will determine the cost-effectiveness of more efficient management practices in privately-owned native forests.

  • Protecting plantations

    New surveillance strategies are reducing the risk of pine pests reaching Queensland's valuable pine plantations.

  • Identifying resistance

    Forestry scientists are testing commercially-important tree species for their susceptibility to myrtle rust to discover varieties to include in future tree breeding programs.

  • Myrtle rust award

    Learn about how our research on myrtle rust received the Biosecurity Impact Award.