Research with the Future Timber Hub

Opened in 2015, the Centre for Future Timber Structures (CFTS) was formed between DAF and UQ. The CFTS then negotiated with the Australian Research Council (ARC) to form the ARC Future Timber Hub with prominent industry partners. The Future Timber Hub is a collaboration between the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, The University of Queensland, Griffith University, the University of Canterbury, the University of British Columbia, Scion, Hyne Timber, ARUP Pty Ltd and Lendlease Development Ltd.

The Hub offers important outcomes for the forestry, forest product and construction industries relating to fire safety and building structures. Our timber research team brings expertise in wood science and performance testing to ‘The Hub’ to develop new processing systems and more durable performance. Read more about the ARC Future Timber Hub.

DAF scientists working with the ARC Future Timber Hub are currently involved three areas of research: Optimising wood-based, mass-panels for Australian building systems; the impact of continuous drying on engineered wood; and the structural behaviour of reinforced timber composite products.