Making wood products more durable

We are partners in the new, world-class, National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life, contributing expertise in the chemistry of natural durability and decay processes, and improved, customised preservative technologies.

The Centre will develop a predictive model that guides architects and building specifiers when choosing the most appropriate timber product for any application. Another goal is to develop a tool that predicts the design life and performance of structural timbers.

Our timber researchers have contributed to Australian standards in timber specifications and design life guides for many decades. Expertise in advanced, engineered wood products means that our scientists are well placed to meet the durability challenges posed by market-driven, emerging, engineered timbers and changes in building design.

Researchers measure real-time timber decay rates in contrasting environments using long-term field trials across Queensland. Together with accelerated decay tests, these enable us to predict durability and design life assessments for timbers used in different applications and climates. Researchers also use near infrared spectroscopy, which enables a rapid assessment of extractives and resins, to determine natural durability in timber.

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