QTimber makes choosing the right timber easier

Building with timber is now easier for the construction industry with the release of the web-application ‘QTimber’.

QTimber is the digital version of the publication Construction Timbers in Queensland, which describes the properties of timbers used in construction of Class 1 to Class 10 buildings.  This publication is a primary reference document in the Building Code of Australia, and is now freely available via the QTimber web application.

QTimber is readily accessible to the public and will be useful for every business that specifies, treats or uses timber, including designers, architects, builders and engineers. It holds critical information about using the right timber for the job, which depends on where in Queensland you are building.

Construction Timbers in Queensland and QTimber are initiatives of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries through the Horticulture and Forestry Science group.

Read more about QTimber and Construction timbers in Queensland here: Construction timbers and compliance

Use the QTimber web application