Two men sitting in a paddock, holding an iPad
Economists demonstrating to growers how to use online tools/apps in the paddock

Our team of regional agricultural economists works across several Reef water quality projects to provide analyses that is used to improve business profitability and resilience for agricultural industries. Economists are based in key agricultural regions to enable direct engagement and collaboration with internal and external service providers.

Our key activities

We integrate economics into:

  • research trials
  • case studies
  • farmer demonstration sites
  • modelling exercises.

We also develop economic information to help producers weigh up the costs and benefits of best-management practice options. Evaluating new technologies and management practices enables farmers to identify new opportunities to adjust their farming systems, such as:

  • rotational crops
  • improved pastures
  • automated irrigation.

We’re also investigating opportunities for farmers to access environmental markets.

Economic decision-support tools

Producers can use the following decision-support tools to explore different farming options before making a financial commitment.

FEAT Online

FEAT Online is a free tool to help growers measure farm profit and evaluate different farming system changes.

You can also watch a video on FEAT Online.

Breedcow and Dynama

Breedcow and Dynama is a free tool for planning, evaluating and improving the profitability and financial management of extensive beef cattle enterprises.

You can also watch a video on Breedcow.

Regional economist publications

Our publications include economic resource sets about:

Our regional economists also publish and distribute their work at agricultural and industry conferences, including:


Last updated: 25 Aug 2023