Photo showing significant soil erosion
Significant gully soil erosion.

The project is trying different methods to prevent soil from moving from the land to the sea in the gully network at the mouth of Continong Creek. We’re testing the most effective ways (remediation techniques) to reduce erosion and keep soil on the land.

The project will:

  • improve understanding of cost-effective alluvial gully remediation techniques to inform industry, policy and research
  • increase industry knowledge and skills in alluvial gully remediation
  • reduce sediment loads from Continong Creek gully complex to the Burdekin River resulting in improved reef water quality.

This project is located at Spyglass Research Station, in the Upper Burdekin.

Our activities

The project will be:

  • demonstrating a range of remediation techniques on the Spyglass Research Station Continong Creek alluvial gully complex that drains into the Burdekin River, North Queensland
  • improving knowledge and skills of:
    • producers
    • earthmoving contractors
    • soil conservationists
    • consultants
    • researchers
    • policy makers
    • extension staff
  • collecting data (including cost-effective metrics) on alluvial gully remediation techniques
  • increasing awareness and interest in alluvial gully remediation techniques
  • reducing sediment loss from the Continong Creek gully complex to improve reef water quality.

A technical advisory group and local  producer group have been established and the site has been equipped for long-term water quality monitoring.


Last updated: 04 Aug 2023