Freshwater fisheries working group

This working group provides advice on the management of freshwater fisheries, including stocking and recreational fishing rules (e.g. size limits and closures). Advice on the management of the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) is provided by a separate SIPS working group.

Queensland’s freshwater fisheries are geographically diverse and provide for a wide range of recreational pursuits. Key sectors include traditional fishing/cultural use, SIPS and non-SIPS stocking, recreational fishing, aquaculture, aquarium, the commercial eel fishery and conservation and research interests. They are heavily impacted by water regulation and associated infrastructure, habitat loss and degradation, poor water quality, introduced species and waterway barriers. Climate change is emerging as a key challenge, with reduced inflows and longer dry spells across large parts of the state (including increased risks associated with low oxygen events).