Queensland dog offensive group (QDOG)

Wild dogs are a continuing problem for Queensland, with grazing industries being significantly impacted through livestock predation. Management of wild dogs is primarily the responsibility of landholders, however they are supported in this by State and Local Government.

The Queensland Dog Offensive Group (QDOG) is a committee that provides advice to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) on the best strategic direction to take in wild dog management.

QDOG is committed to working together will all levels of government, industry, community groups and landholders to identify key strategies and techniques in wild dog control.

QDOG recently led the development of the Queensland Wild Dog Management Strategy 2021-2026.

QDOG has an independent chairperson and representatives from AgForce Queensland, Local Government Association of Queensland, local governments, natural resource management groups, Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, Queensland Conservation Council, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Department of Environment and Science.


Queensland Dog Offensive Group
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
GPO Box 46

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