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Ewen Maddock Dam is stocked by the Ewen Maddock Fish Management Inc. The dam is stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, Mary River cod and saratoga. In 2017/18 18,477 Australian bass and 200 Mary River cod were stocked from SIPS permit sales. The dam joined the SIPS scheme in 2016 but was previously stocked from other funding sources. 


Ewen Maddock Dam is located 5km north of Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast. The dam is restricted to non-motorised vessels only. Non-motorised vessels include canoes, kayaks, row boats and sailing vessels. You can fish from the platform on the boardwalk at Maddock Park and on the dam from a non-motorised vessel. Accommodation is available at the Ewen Maddock Dam Camp and Recreation Centre and Tunnel Ridge Ranch. The facilities at the dam include toilets, free barbeques, picnic tables, shelters and play grounds. There is a designated swimming area located at Maddock Park. Maddock Park is also a great starting point for bush walking, mountain biking and horse riding the trails around the dam. Dogs on leashes are permitted at Maddock Park and on all of the trails around the dam. 

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