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Lake Belmore is stocked by the Croydon Fishing and Boating Club Inc. The lake is stocked with barramundi and sooty grunter. In 2017/18 18,123 barramundi were stocked from SIPS permit sales. The weir joined the SIPS scheme in 2016 but was previously stocked from other funding sources. 


Lake Belmore is located 4km north of Croydon. It is desribed as the aquatic jewel and is the largest body of fresh water in the Croydon region. The lake is popular for swimming, watersports and fishing. There are no vessel type restrictions on the lake. There are designated areas for swimming, skiing and and canoeing. Accommodation is available in Croydon at the Croydon Caravan Park and Croydon Club Hotel. The facilities at the lake include toilets, showers, free electric barbeques, large shade shelter, playground and cafeteria. There are many trails around croydon that are suitable for bush walking and mountain bike riding.      

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