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Wivenhoe Dam is stocked by the Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association. The dam is stocked with Ausralian bass, golden perch, silver perch, saratoga  and Mary River cod. In 2017/18, 188,982 Australian bass and 2,660 Mary River cod were stocked from SIPS permit sales. A total of 1,581,739 Australian bass, 833,203 golden perch, 456,078 silver perch, 8,502 Mary River cod and 230 saratoga have been stocked in Wivenhoe Dam from SIPS.


Wivenhoe Dam is located 80 kilometres west of Brisbane. Vessels are restricted to low emission engines that include four strokes and direct fuel-injected two strokes. A speed limit of 6 knots applies on the dam. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking and rowing are permitted on the dam. Swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling are permitted in the designated swimming areas. Accommodation is available at the Lumley Hill and Captain Logan campgrounds located at the dam. These campgrounds offer powered and unpowered sites for a daily fee. The facilities at the dam include water taps, amenities, day use area, picnic tables, barbeques and playgrounds. There is a 16 kilometre multi-use trail network at Wivenhoe Hill that is ideal for walkers, trail runners and mountain biking. Tracks range in length from 3km up to 5km. The view from the top is quite spectacular.

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